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animescribbles's Journal

The Anime Sketchbook
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This community is for anime and manga artists looking to post their sketches for feedback from fellow artists. You don't have to draw to join, but it's a plus. This is also a place to discuss ideas for original manga/anime and other creative otakuness. ^_^ Join up! There are only three rules:

1.) Participate! A community is no fun if its members don't post and comment.

2.) Don't be rude. No telling anyone their artwork sucks or being generally abrasive in behavior. I don't like rude people.

3.) Please stay on topic. This is a community for anime artists. All "ADD ME 2 UR FRND LISTS K THX BYE" and "HELP ME W/ LJ HOW DO U DO THIS" posts will be deleted.

That's it! Please join! :D