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My first pic using my Wacom Tablet :)

So since I am at home sick with a cold and have no desire to do anything or see anyone, I locked myself up in my study today and decided to try out my wacom and see if I still have my artistic mojo. This is a step by step viewing of what I did

Since I am watching Dragon Ball Z with my brother at the moment, I decided to draw a DBZ character. This is a pic of Gohan in his teen years.

I did use a pic as reference, but no tracing or copying was done. Its all hand drawn with my wacom tablet.

First I sketched out a basic pic of what I wanted.

Then I drew in the line art. Theres the pic that I was using reference from as well.

This is the line art finished.

Then I paint in the basic flat colours I.E no shading

Then the first lot of shades go over the basic colours.

Annnd then the last bit of shading and Im done!! :)

I was pretty happy with it. Watchu think?

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